Old Fashioned $8

Dating back to the 1880’s, this classic cocktail highlights Bulleit Bourbon with lemon and orange essence, bitters and a touch of sugar.

Original Mai Tai $9

The original recipe created by Trader Vic, this well balanced cocktail consists of Appleton Rum, fresh squeezed lime, Orgeat syrup and orange Curacao.

The Last Word $10

Originally created in the 1920’s, this cocktail had fallen off the map for many decades. Only recently has it begun to make its comeback, and we feature the classic recipe. Gin, Green Chartreuse, Maraschino Liqueur, and fresh squeezed lime.

Moscow Mule $9

Created in the 1940’s, this simple yet delicious cocktail consists of Vodka, fresh lime, and ginger beer.



Stritch Fizz $7

Sloe gin (sloe berries that have been infused with gin) is the basis of this cocktail. This sweet liqueur pairs nicely with vodka, fresh squeezed lemons, pineapple juice and soda water.

Kiss of Passion $9

This cocktail was created for its multiple layers of depth. It starts witch citrus, levels out with sweetness, and ends with a touch of spice. Tequila, fresh lime, passion fruit, agave nectar and a slice of jalapeno.

Rahsaan $10

For those that like bitter cocktails. Named after the great Rahsaan Roland Kirk, this drink combines Campari with rum, fresh lime, orgeat, and orange juice to create a balanced cocktail with a bittersweet finish.

Limelight $10

A perfectly refreshing martini, this cocktail combines freshly muddled cucumber and basil with vodka, fresh lime juice and green chartreuse.